Most women have never been professionally photographed (much less in her skivvies!), so naturally there are a lot of questions.  So... what is the Brooklyn Boudoir Experience like?


You'll need to make the first move by contacting me.  We'll talk about why you want to do a boudoir shoot, what you envision for your boudoir photos, pricing & packages and I'll answer any questions you may have.  Then we'll talk about our availability & select a shoot date.  Once you are officially booked, I'll send you a very detailed digital guide that covers what to wear, tips for looking great in your photos and will give you a few "homework assignments" so I can get to know you and your style better. Together we brainstorm the ideal formula for your shoot: the location, what to wear, the vibe you are going for, and your ultimate vision for products.

A few days before your shoot, I'll touch base with you to confirm the details and check on you, so by the day of your shoot, you've already received so much information from me that there really isn't anything left to wonder about. You know how long we'll be together, how many outfits we'll be photographing you in, how long hair and makeup takes, and that I'll be giving you guidance along the way.  


Woohoo, the day has finally arrived!   I hope you're a hugger, because I sure am, and we'll already feel like we know each other by this point.  We'll look through the wardrobe options you brought and then I'll introduce you to my hair & makeup artist. She'll already know the concept of your shoot and the look we are going for, so this is your time to relax and get pampered.  She'll enhance your features and makes you look even more stunning than you already are, in a natural way that still looks like YOU (no drag queen contouring or plastic-y false lashes here!)  Meanwhile, I'll be putting together each of your looks.  We'll talk, we'll laugh, we'll drink some bubbly if you fancy, and we'll get to know each other some more.

Tara Z,  one of my favorite hair and makeup artists, working her magic.

Tara Z, one of my favorite hair and makeup artists, working her magic.


By this time you will be feeling comfortable and having fun, just like girlfriends hanging out.  Our hair & makeup artist will leave for your privacy. The shoot doesn't start with any big pomp & circumstances -- it's essentially a continuation of the past hour.  You might be surprised at how comfortable you already feel!  It's not a "sensual" experience at all -- it's actually fun, and silly, and we'll laugh a lot.  I'll put you into poses and tell you where to put your hands, where to look, how to breath and then photograph you from all angles -- you'll see me standing on the bed, laying on the floor, getting into all kinds of weird positions to get the shot, and I warn you that I will most likely fall down at some point during our shoot (it happens almost every time).   I'll put myself into each pose so that all YOU need to do is copy me.  If you’re comfortable, I’ll encourage you to improvise a bit, as I often find the most magical shots happen when we collaborate together. I will encourage you and be mindful of your insecurities while playing up your favorite features. BUT I do insist - once we are on-set there is no negative self talk allowed.   Once we've got a large variety of shots, we change looks and continue on for the duration of your shoot.

Time will FLY by.  It always does!  If I don't make a very conscious effort to check on the time, I would shoot all day. It's fun for me, it's fun for you, and it's over before you know it. By the time we are packing up, you'll already want to do it again (and probably will...they always do ;) )  You will probably be a little sore the day after your shoot because believe it or not, modeling is a workout!  Holding these poses is like taking a yoga class, no doubt.  A few days after your shoot you get a “teaser” image from me to whett your appetite and hold you over until your photo reveal, which we'll schedule for 2-3 week after your shoot.

PRO TIP Be sure to make plans the night of your boudoir shoot because your hair and makeup will be on point, and you'll feel like you're on cloud 9. 



OOOH the boudoir photo reveal is so much fun!!  You & I will meet somewhere convenient to us both, that offers a bit of privacy.  This can be your home, a hotel bar/lobby or quiet coffee shop.  We have a cocktail & some treats together while we're reviewing your images together.  I'll start by showing you a slideshow of my 20 or so faves, then we'll go back and look at all of your images.  There are usually between 40 - 60 to choose from, all of which have been edited by me, so you will be seeing & selecting the actual images that will be in your album/folio/wall art.  I'll help you chose the perfect selection of images for whatever way you want display your photos. I will have samples of different albums, cover styles and wall art for you to see & touch in person.  These are high quality, fine art quality products.  You'll walk away form your photo reveal with a crystal USB jump drive with all your purchased images and a newfound swagger in your step. 

What about photoshop?  All of the images you see at your reveal will be enhanced & lightly edited by me.  "Enhanced" means I'll apply my artistic look to them and convert some of them to black and white.  "Lightly edited" means I'll erase blemishes, bruises, stray hairs, scratches, or anything that won't be there tomorrow.  My general policy is if it's a permanent part of you, it stays.  This includes birthmarks & tattoos.  I'll smooth out and de-blotch your skin overall so that cellulite & texture is minimized.  What I WON'T do is change your features or body shape or make you look airbrushed or plastic-y.   If there is anything you see in your final images that you want retouched away, we can talk about it at your reveal.  I'll let you know what is possible & make my recommendations.


Albums and wall art generally take about 4 weeks post-reveal to come in.  I'll receive them first to check them over and package them up all pretty for you.  Once they are ready, I'll contact you to arrange a drop off.  We'll hug again, and promise to stay in touch, just like old college friends would.  I'll drop you a line and instagram stalk you, I hope you will do the same with me.  With most of my clients, it's less a "goodbye" as it is a "see you next time."  ;) 

What other questions do you have for me?  I'm happy to answer them all!  Shoot me a line and let's chat!

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PS - You can see me in action shooting a boudoir party in New Orleans here: