Time to Get Ready for Your Shoot!


Hello, Beautiful!  I am SO excited to be photographing you!  I tend to over-communicate with my clients so they know exactly how to prepare and exactly what to expect throughout the whole process... so this is a lengthy page. Feel free to reach out to me any time with questions.


Here are a few blog posts to learn more about a Brooklyn Boudoir Experience: Your Shoot, My Boudoir Philosophy and a little bit about me here and here.


The first thing that I ask clients to do is to create a "secret" Pinterest board for their boudoir session. We'll first both have to be following each other, so go ahead and "follow" me HERE, and I'll follow you back. Then, you'll have to "invite" me to your board so I can see it (@BrooklynBoudoir or Search Brooklyn Boudoir under People).  Once that's done, I want you to create a Pinterest Board labeled "(YOUR NAME) Boudoir."  It's very important that you include your first & last name, so I know who is who.  Then, without overthinking it, I want you to pin anything that speaks to you and your style.  

Try to turn off your fear and over-thinking at this point.  Don't think things like, "OHH that's so beautiful but I would NEVER be able to pull that off" or "I WISH I could look like that!"  That's not the point of this exercise.  After pinning 25 or so images, I will very easily be able to get a visual of your style and the type of boudoir you are interested in.  Do you like sweet, bright and bubbly images or are you more dark, moody and seductive?  Do you like shots that capture the entire body, or more abstract close ups and teaser shots?  We'll find out together!  The purpose of this is NOT to find photos to replicate.  This is for finding inspiration and for me to understand the kind of images you really like so I can deliver a set of photos that are your style, so long as it matches up with what I have to offer. 

You’ll also find a Hair and Makeup board on my pinterest page — so if you are getting your hair and makeup done with us, go ahead and pin a couple of the looks that speak to you so I have a sense of the level of glam you are looking for. We of course will also discuss this with the hair and makeup artist on the day of your shoot.

 If you are not a Pinterest user, you can also send me some photos via email.


Next, we'll want to determine where your shoot will be held.  Many of my clients prefer to have their sessions in their own homes, where they feel most comfortable and have access to all of their clothes and shoes.  I am happy to come to you!  We can also shoot at my home studio or we can rent a studio or hotel room for an additional fee (this is included in some of my package prices).  If you're trying to decide where you would like to do the shoot and want help, let me know!  I'm happy to help you figure it out.

Coming in from out of town?  Let me know and I'll send you our Guide to NYC so you can make the most out of your visit. 


Many women feel stressed about what to wear to their photoshoot.  But HONESTLY (and I'm not exaggerating here), wardrobe is really not that crazy important for the way that I shoot.  My boudoir style is more effortless, "I'm-not-trying-too-hard-chic," and we go for the "I woke up like this" look as often as possible. So please, don't stress out over wardrobe. Don't feel the need to run out and buy all new things. I can do a completely versatile and awesome shoot with a single scarf, or the sheets, or a cardigan. Truly. Don't stress about it.

Here's some wardrobe tips to calm your nerves and help you decide what to bring:

*THE NUMBER ONE BOUDOIR WARDROBE RULE IS: Don't overthink it!  We will make you look fabulous no matter what you choose to wear!!  I can literally do an entire session with nothing but the sheets!

* Do NOT bring outfits that you don't love!  I can't tell you how many women bring outfits then tell me, "I really don't like the way I look in this one, but I'll leave it up to you."  If you don't like the outfit, it's likely you won't like photos of you in the outfit.  Leave it at home!

*Lingerie is NOT a must!  Especially complete lingerie sets.  Don't be afraid to get creative!  A garter belt and thigh high fishnets can look great with a cropped sweater or graphic tee.  A gorgeous bra can be paired with a long flowing skirt, or with jeans!  Your favorite tank top can be paired with no pants! Do not feel obligated to run out and by a whole slew of new things for this shoot unless you want to pamper yourself a little extra. ;) The point is, don't freak out too much over acquiring new wardrobe.  

*If opting for lingerie, I recommend going to a local lingerie boudoir to have yourself properly fitted.  OR if you're interested in online ordering, True & Co has a really amazingly helpful website and quiz that will help you determine what styles and sizes work best for you.

*Structured pieces and solids look great on camera, as well as items with texture, those that fit snugly, and those with color.

*If wearing thigh-highs, buy them 1-2 sizes TOO BIG according to the chart on the back!  Buying them in a size that supposedly "fits" according to the package size chart will likely result in the stockings giving a bit of thigh muffin top.  We can get them to stay up for each pose, or you can wear a garter belt to keep them from slipping.

*Have several outfits and accessories picked out and we can go through them together before you shoot to determine what will photograph best.  We will typically have time for 3 different outfits in a one & a half hour session -- 1 for every 30 minutes.  If you're nervous, feel free to bring one "beauty" outfit to start with. This can be a low cut sparkly dress, or a curve hugging bodysuit with a flowy skirt.  I often recommend the first look being a beauty look for those clients who are a bit more modest or extremely nervous for their session.  This will get you comfortable in front of the camera before you start losing articles of clothing!

*Try to incorporate a variety of pieces into your wardrobe selections.  Having 5 different bra & panty sets won't allow for a whole lot of variety in your photos.  Rather, have something formal, something casual, something super textured and fun, something black and sleek... you get the idea.  You can add on additional 30 minute sets for extra outfits if the schedule allows!  Just ask for details.

*Most colors photograph well.  Some that do not always photograph well are fluorescent colors and sometimes red & turquoise.  If you like red, look for a deeper red - something not too bright.  Black is always classic and looks good on everyone.

*Make sure your wardrobe selections aren't wrinkled, and please cut all the tags off your sheer lingerie!

* Only bring items that are clean.  A tired bra, shirt or undies will still look tired in your photos.

*No costumes or military apparel, please.  They tend to be more "themey" and are not the style or photography I specialize in.

*Consider ARTISTIC NUDES for a super easy, low maintenance and FREE wardrobe option!  



All women are beautiful -- I truly believe this!!  Curves, no curves, all shapes, all sizes, all are beautiful.  I often get questions from clients saying, "I'm curvy - so what should I wear?" or "I have no butt!"  Here are a few tips based on the most common "issues" I hear from women and how to enhance your features with wardrobe.


*Curvy Bodies - Corsets work wonders at creating a beautiful hourglass shape.  Avoid loose-fitting clothing which masks curves.  Items should be snug but not too tight.  A good corset should give your body a hug without cutting off circulation or pushing your skin elsewhere.  Also, BODYSUITS!  They look amazing on everyone and you can find them everywhere: H&M, Charlotte Russe, journalle... high end or not they always look great! If you are worried about showing too much skin, consider shapewear (the pretty kind, not the kind that hurts!)  Body skimming slips give a romantic, vintage feel.  A plain white tank with lacy undies or a beautiful robe over a bra & panty set are two other great choices.

*Flat Butts  - Opt for panties that are ruffled on the backside, which add a lot of fun dimension.  Also "hipster" type bottoms, when adjusted properly, will enhance the natural curve of your cheeks.  Thongs always make a butt look fuller than full-coverage briefs.  Play around in the mirror with different styles to see what you like the best.  And don't worry - I'm a PRO at creating curves in posing where there aren't any otherwise! I can get a killer booty shot with any level of curve (or lack thereof). See above photo for proof - this client claimed to have a flat butt :)

*Shorter Legs - High heels with a THIN heel rather than a chunky one!  Avoid shoes with ankle straps or a square toe.  Nude shoes naturally elongate the legs.

*Thin/no curves - Again, a corset to create shape!  We will create a lot of curve with strategic lighting and posing too.  Also, BODYSUITS!   I love them for all figures!  Check out Morgan Lane for some sweet styles. I also love patterned tights if you love your legs.

*Small Chest - HEYYY GIRLLL!  Fellow flat chested chick here!  (I even blogged about it!)  If your small chest bothers you, opt for push up bras, chicken cutlets and lingerie with structure.  Just make sure your bra tops fit properly WITH any inserts you have in mind.   Or, you can embrace them with tiny, lacy bras that only those less-endowed can rock. Find more suggestions in this blog post.

*Large Breasts -  A properly fitted bra is a must! Structure & support are key. An underwire + push up is a great idea for those who have had a child or two (If you aren't sure what I'm talking about, I'm sure you haven't had children yet)  ;)   Etched makes great bras for larger busts.

*Expectant Mothers - a long gown, a lacy robe that reveals the tummy, a simple tank top with briefs are all good options. So is a transitional bra & panty set, and the now-classic "Demi Moore" nude!  I'll often bring some long, sheer fabric we can play with on maternity shoots as well.  And if we are really ambitious, a pregnant bellies looks great in a bathtub!  

Check out my Pinterest Page for more wardrobe suggestions.


*Tiny, busy patters as well as neon colors are often harsh on camera and a bit unflattering so try to avoid them.

*Avoid anything too loose in the lingerie department.  If you are gong with a big sweater with nothing underneath, then yes, it should be baggy.  But a flowing nightie will usually be pinned back by me to show off your curves anyhow!  For this reason I usually recommend avoiding babydoll lingerie.


I'll coach you every step of the way, and remind you of all of these items once we are on set, but here are a few tips you can keep in mind when it comes to looking & feeling good in front of the camera.

*Trust the Power of Attraction!  Women have been the muses of artists & have been considered beautiful by men and women alike for ages... and certainly before the invention of Photoshop!  Stretch Marks, Cellulite, or Size Sexy Curves do not change that.  Trust that your viewer appreciates it all.  Sensuality is in a woman's attitude -- any boldness, playfulness and enjoyment of your body will read beautifully on camera and will feel great personally.  I'll be your cheerleader if you need the extra boost!

*Focus on Feeling. When a woman feels sexy, she looks sexy.  On set I will encourage you to focus on feeling good.  How you move, dress, undress, touch your body, even how you breathe should be guided by what feels good to you.  I encourage you to create a playlist or bring along some of your favorite songs to help you relax and enjoy.

*Flirt! Think of the camera as someone you desire.  Be playful, and allow a bit of shyness to come through from time to time.  Smile with your eyes (or "SMIZE" in the words of Tyra Banks).  Besides looking sexy, flirting is fun!

*Be Confident.  This one may be easier said than done, but confidence is one of the most important steps in creating allure.  Confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can wear -- you can pull off just about anything if you do it with self-assurance.  If your condense is faltering, fake it!  Remember to stay focused on your positive attributes.  I do not allow any negative self-talk on set.

*Have fun!  Very few of us are lingerie models or movie stars that spend their lives at the gym -- and who cares??  We ALL deserve to be celebrated.  So for a few hours, let yourself go and embrace your beautiful, brave, and badass self.  You will shine regardless of your body type or if you have a zit that day.  You will be radiant because you will be YOU. ;)



*Get your beautify sleep!  Seriously!  Photoshop can't fix tired.

*Brush your lips - sounds weird, I know!  Dry lips are very hard to fix in post processing.  In the days leading up to your photoshoot, use your toothbrush while brushing your teeth to also make a few passes over your lips.  This will help shed dead skin and make your lips smoother. After that apply a moisturizing lip balm and repeat, repeat, repeat.

*Make it an opportunity to pamper yourself!  A few days before your shoot get a manicure and pedicure.  This will give you a finished, polished look.  No polish is ok too, but chipped polish will be distracting and can be difficult to fix after the fact. 

*Drink lots of water leading up to your shoot to make your skin extra glow-y.

*Lather on the lotion!  Supple is key for beautiful skin.  Be sure to moisturize twice a day for the week leading up to your shoot.  On the day of your shoot, use a non-bronzer illumining lotion.  I LOVE Pacifica's coconut crushed pearl lotion but it's discontinued and difficult to find.  Olay Quench with Shimmer is a good alternative, and so is Pretty Peaushun Skin Tight Body Lotion in "Plain."  If you're having a hard time finding an illuminating lotion without color, you can absolutely go with an oil based lotion like Argon Oil Moisturizer or Coconut Oil Moisturizer.  Don't use tined lotions or anything with color.

*Have extra wardrobe options!  Have at least 3-4 different outfits pulled, a couple of pairs of shoes, and accessories handy.  We won't use it all, but it's best to have options as some things will photograph better than others.  Revisit the wardrobe section above for more tips.

*Be ready early.  Nothing puts a damper on a fun and relaxing photo shoot like feeling rushed or late!  You should plan for traffic and arrive about 5 minutes before your scheduled start time.

*Make a playlist!  Music will really help you get into the super model zone!!  Try to select music that matches the concept of your shoot.  We have a bluetooth speaker to treat your tunes if you bring them! We also have a pretty kickass boudoir playlist that tends to jive well with most people.

*Wear a lightweight, soft clothing to your shoot (hell, even go commando if you fancy!)  This will allow any marks from tight bras, etc. to even out so they don't show up in your images.

*Remove any visible tags from your lingerie. It is best not to worry about hiding them or needing to edit them out.

*Be sure to eat the morning of your shoot - contrary to popular belief, you won't look any bigger in your photos and it will go a long way in keeping your energy up!

*Trust me.  I won't make you do anything that is going to make you look bad.  I am a pro.  I've been doing this for a long time and I know how to make a woman look good with killer poses, strategic lighting and appropriate camera angles.  I've worked with every body type and typical insecurity.  I've done shoots with women on their period.  Whatever your worry, try not to stress -- I've got you covered.


*No spray tans before your shoot!   I know you think that you look better with a tan, but I assure you, even if you don't see the streaks and unevenness with your naked eye, the camera will pick them up.  You will photograph a lot more tan that you think you look, and a spray tan will photograph orange.  Trust me on this!!  On that same note, no tinted lotions or bronzers on your body!

*Go ahead and have a wax or grooming for your brows, upper lip, and bikini area if you so choose, BUT don’t go for a wax or attack yourself with your tweezers the day before your shoot!  Plan this three days to a week in advance of your session to give any angry red bumps a chance to subside.

*No alcohol the night before!  If you're nervous, try a bubble bath and a yoga class.  Hangovers aren't sexy.

*On that same note, no red wine before your shoot, even as an effort to calm your nerves!  It will stain your lips and teeth (not to mention that drunk doesn't photography particularly sexy either).  A little bit of bubbly to soothe anxiety is understandable (and fun).  I set a firm 2 drink limit for my clients the day of their shoot.  Champagne and white wine are good options because they won't stain your mouth.  You're welcome to bring a bottle with you to your shoot.  We'll have non-alcoholic refreshments for you.

*Don't get a new haircut/color immediately before your shoot.  Even "just" a trim can sometimes go awry, so be sure to schedule your hair appointments at least 2 weeks before.

*NO NEGATIVE SELF-TALK ALLOWED!!  Once we're on set, I don't want to hear about how you hate your hips -- I want to hear about how you LOVE your legs.  A great attitude goes a long way in having a fabulous and upbeat experience.  HOWEVER, if you really feel the need to discuss the thing that bothers you the most about your body, just let me know by saying, "I love my ___ but my biggest insecurity is my ___."  I will be extra careful to play down your "flaws"... but I will ALSO make it my challenge to take the best damn image featuring your ____ so you have a newfound appreciation for it ;)


A couple of days before your shoot, you can expect to get an email confirmation from me confirming your start time, your hair/makeup preferences, end time, and location... and you can let me know if you have any last minute questions!

On the day of your shoot, your makeup will either be done by you before hand, or by my glam squad (as decided in our pre-shoot consultations).  If we are providing your hair & makeup, please arrive with your face clean and moisturized and your hair dry & clean (or 1 day hair).  If you are having your hair and makeup done ahead of time, please show up camera ready.  Make sure you wear loose-fitting clothing on the morning of your shoot!  While you're getting done up, I will take a peek at your wardrobe selections and start putting together looks so we can hit the ground running when you're done in makeup!  Once you're done with makeup, you can get into your first look and throw a robe over it.

Once the shoot begins, you can expect me to give you gentle direction. I will not expect you to super model pose throughout your shoot.  I will show you what to do and will encourage improvising whenever you feel comfortable. I will also get into the poses first so all you have to do is copy me!  I will say and do things to elicit laughter whenever possible too... so be prepared (or don't, actually.  It's better that way) ;)

The poses generally aren't very comfortable and your shoot will give you more of a workout (and appreciation for models) that you anticipate.  But I assure you, I know what I'm doing.  Get a good stretch in the morning of your session dn the evening after your session.  A couple of ibuprofen might need to happen for those lower back aches, but it will all be worth it! 

Your shoot time will FLY by.  That's a good thing!  That means it wasn't awkward or boring, just the right amount of fun!

Within a few days of your shoot, I will email you a teaser image with a referral voucher that you can pass on to your friends if you'd like!  Within 2-3 weeks I will schedule your photo viewing with you so that you can see all of your proofs and order anything you'd like!  Anything ordered during your photo viewing is entitled to a special rate, so you should come prepared to place your order.  The most popular photo product is definitely the album, and the fine art acrylic wall art.  I highly recommend them!

Any questions??  PLEASE don't hesitate to ask!  I'm here to help!


I bet you didn't think you'd have to do homework, did you?  First, I want you to head over to Pintrest and create a secret board called "(YOUR NAME) Boudoir."  Follow me (@BrooklynBoudoir) I'll follow you back, and then invite me to join your board (@BrooklynBoudoir or search Brooklyn Boudoir under People).  I want you to spend some time pinning boudoir images that speak to you.  See my tip on this above in the "Planning" suggestions.  Don't put too much thought into your pins, I just want to get a general idea of your boudoir style.  If you don't have a Pintrest account and don't feel like creating one, then just email me a sampling of about 10-20 different boudoir images you've found online that you like.

Next, please include a photo of yourself in which you LOVE the way your hair & makeup look on your pintrest board, or email it to me, and tell me why you love it so much.  

Finally, complete this form, and be sure to reach out if you have any questions.   I'm looking forward to working with you!  

xoxo, Stephanie

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