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The first question many of my clients ask me is: "What should I wear to my boudoir session?"  So, this is the first in a series of posts addressing that question, each tailored specifically to a different body type. 

I can attest that bras can be a nightmare when you've got small boobs — straps slipping, gaping cups, and all sorts of struggles to find the right size and shape. Here are some boudoir wardrobe suggestions for my fellow small breasted sisters our there:

Lacy triangle-style bras

Smaller breasts don’t need to worry as much about underwires or thicker straps, so why not take advantage of that and match your tiny tatas with an equally tiny bra?  Delicate lace, triangle tops and strappy styles all look great when you aren't too worried about support. Embellishments like appliqués, textures and sparkle will add beautiful texture in your boudoir photos as well. I’m obsessed with Madewell’s new lingerie line, which features both sporty styles and feminine, lacy bras.

Madewell's Lace Liana triangle bralette

Madewell's Lace Liana triangle bralette

Demi Bras

Demi bras are great for small chests – they cover only half the breast and are designed specifically with you in mind.  Some (but not all) demi bras even have nice padding built in so it gives you a little boost.  


Oh corsets!  The love of my boudoir photography life.  Corsets work for ALL body types.  They cinch you in at the waist to give the illusion of more curves. When shopping for corsets, you'll want one that will pull in your waist, but make sure it’s not too tight so you can breathe! 


Push-Up Bras

This is the most obvious choice for small breasts, and god knows I’ve tried them all. Push up bras do just that – push everything up – even if you have just a little.  But a warning that extra padding often looks fake, so use restraint if you're going this route.  Make sure you're scooping your boobs into place on top of the padding - you don't want the bra just sitting on top of you like a pillow.  Have a bra you love but doesn't give you that same UMMPH?  Try silicone or "chicken cutlet" inserts in your regular bras.

Tired of push-ups but want some cleavage?  Enter contouring.

This is something I do ALL the time.  Brush some bronzer between your boobs out and around the top in an outward C-shape (basically outlining the shape of your boobs). Then, apply a shimmer or illuminator to the rounds of your boobs and right down the middle of your cleavage to catch the light and create a 3-D effect.  Be sure to BLEND!!

Try a racerback, or go backless!

Women with narrower shoulders may experience slipping straps because the strap can't anchor itself on the shoulder.  This is actually a great look for boudoir, BUT I ALSO love the look of a T-back or racerback bra (which are also good for reducing strap slippage). They're sporty and sexy in an unexpected way.  Alternatively, a backless dress - no bra required - shows off one of the sexiest & unappreciated parts of woman.

Free People Bella Racerback bralette

Free People Bella Racerback bralette

Sheer Tops

Another thing I love to do with my smaller chested clients is add a sheer or lace overlay to their bras.  Make sure you can see thru the tops that you choose and limit patterns – we have to be able to see the bra for these items to have the desired effect.

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters

Get fitted!

This is so important! You might think you're a 32A, but you could discover you're more like a 30C!  Really! Experts recommend you have a bra fitting at least every six months just to ensure you haven't changed size since diet, stress and exercise and hormones all effect our breast size. And don’t feel restricted by what’s in stores - you may be a 30 or 28 band which you generally don’t find stocked in most underwear shops, BUT there are a bunch of top notch online brands that will cater to your size.  You’ll feel sexier if you’re in a comfy, flattering bra, believe me!  My favorite site for bras for small bust is

Camille Bralette from

Camille Bralette from

Not all breasts are created equal

Small boobs still have variation in shape, so TRY TRY TRY until you find a bra that's perfectly you.  If your boobs are farther apart, plunges and push-ups will be ideal to create cleavage. If you have a fuller, rounder shape and find straps dig in around your armpit, try a multiway or triangle style, where the straps sit further in and can be adjusted more easily. Or if you're getting a lot of gaping, it may be that your boobs just don't suit a standard plunge or T-shirt bra, especially if there's more volume at the bottom of your boob than the top. Try a half cup or balconette design instead.

Be Free to be YOU!

Small boobs look great on camera (ever notice how most models are relatively flat chested?)  If you don’t “need” a bra, then why wear a bra for your boudoir session??  Just sayin’ … 

Whatever you decide to wear, the most important thing is to embrace what you have.  Your body is amazing and beautiful in every way!

Any tips you have for the small chested ladies?  I’d love to hear!  Share in the comments section below.

xoxo, Stephanie

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