Christmas, Boudoir Style | New York Area Boudoir Session

Get ready for some sexy...

Meet Miss V, one truly badass boss.  She somehow manages to simultaneously kick ass at her high-powered job, be a fun-loving mom, and be a devoted wife while somehow looking perfectly put together as she does it all.  We had a blast drinking wine and taking photos around her home one afternoon while her husband and kids were out on a movie date.  Between her sharp wit, the dimples, those LEGS (!) ... Miss V seems, well, perfect.  

Of course, it's never easy to see yourself the same way others see you (which frankly is a shame, and something I think about all the time.  Future blog posts on that, I assure you.  But I digress.)  Says Miss V:

I'm approaching my 40s, I've grown two children in my belly and breastfed each of them. All of this takes a toll on your skin and body but there is beauty in all of it. Stephanie finds that beauty and intimacy. Above all she knows how to put you at ease with yourself and bring out the beauty within.  While I technically did this as a present for my husband, it was really a gift to myself and one I know I'll treasure forever. I can't wait to do another session!!

I agree 100% that there is beauty in all of it - you are more beautiful than you think you are, exactly as you are in this moment.  I was touched to hear her say these things, and couldnโ€™t have asked for a better complement. 

On a different note, did I mention we how we ultimately created not only an album for her husband, but also chocolates with her image on them??  Christmas + chocolate = Merry Christmas indeed!

 xoxo, Stephanie