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Iโ€™ve talked a lot recently about natural beauty, and not necessarily *needing a makeover before your boudoir shoot. This modern and untraditional bridal boudoir session is the perfect example of how beautifully this can work, even in a boudoir photoshoot setting.

Ms. S is a dancer amongst other things. Sheโ€™s a natural beauty who doesnโ€™t wear much, if any, makeup in her โ€œrealโ€ life. So when she contacted me about a shoot for her soon to be husband as a wedding day gift, her one concern was looking too made up and not herself.

Ladies, this is no problem whatsoever! As Iโ€™ve said before, the most important thing to me is that you are looking and feeling like your best YOU. Not like โ€œherโ€ (whoever she is) but like YOU. Makeovers are fun, getting primped up is fun, and sometimes playing dress up is fun โ€” I totally get that and am all for it. But sometimes โ€” scratch that, MOST OF THE TIME โ€” being yourself is the most satisfying and most beautiful you there is.

I loved how Ms. S. knew herself and her style and opted out of the hair and makeup chair. She came to her shoot completely au natural and it completely works for her casual, just-woke-up like this, cool girl vibe. I never thought Chuck Taylors could look so sexy and yet, here she is rocking them! In fact some of these images are some of my most commented on and repined from my Pinterest pages, I think because they are unique, honest and really tell a story about the woman wearing them.

And ultimately, isnโ€™t this what we we all want? To be seen as ourselves, and have our stories heard?

In her own words, Ms. S said:

Out of any wedding related thing I've done in the last year (including looking for and buying my wedding dress) this was the absolute my favorite experience. Stephanie is super talented and a pleasure to be around. I felt like she really took the time to get a feel for who I was and catered the shoot to that. It's nice when people recognize your individuality! The final products absolutely embraced my personality and style. was just totally fun!

I will never put you in heels if you donโ€™t own a pair of heels that make you feel good. I donโ€™t put crazy long eyelashes on you unless you love that look. We can capture your beauty in ANY state of dress or undress as long as itโ€™s how you feel best about yourself. Yes, Iโ€™ll direct you and Iโ€™ll even push you to the go a little bit out of your comfort zone โ€” but only as far as you are excited to go. I have a sixth sense when it comes to women and their feelings. If you are excited to try some artistic nudes but nervous to go there I am great about capturing a few in the most comfortable and easy way. And if you want to stay in your jeans the whole time, we can absolutely make that work as well (see photos here as proof).

So if you are considering a boudoir session โ€” for yourself or as a gift to a loved one, my advise is: donโ€™t get caught up in what you think it โ€œshouldโ€ look like. Find a photographer whoโ€™s style you love and jives with your own, and just be yourself. So come as you are! Get glammed up or not, wear lingerie or not. Because you are truly never as beautiful as you are when youโ€™re just being yourself.

xoxo, Stephanie

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