Gift Giving is a Bonus | New York City Bridal Boudoir


I have been DYING to share these images for weeks!     

Meet Ms. D.  This is a woman who has it together.  She knows what she wants, has great style, an exuberant personality and truly takes care of herself (as made obvious by the glowing skin and graceful physique).  She is a true New York City woman.  Yet even so, a boudoir shoot was something she (in her words) never in a million years thought she would do.  Which is why she knew a boudoir album would be the perfect groom's gift to surprise for her soon-to-be husband on their wedding day.  You would think that a woman this stunning would be super comfortable in front of the camera, and while she was a natural, Ms. D was actually not that used to having her picture taken. Said Ms. D:

"Having never done something like this before, I wasn't sure how comfortable I'd be. Stephanie made me feel not only comfortable but had so much fun doing this! I felt like I was in great hands, and the final product/photos speaks for itself. What a great experience, every woman should do this -- for yourself at the very least!!  Be like Nike, just do it. It's such a fun and positive way to celebrate your own beauty. We are all beautiful in our own ways and deserve to celebrate it."

And then, check this wardrobe:  from the black and white lace bodysuits to deep V swimsuit, to the Salvatore Ferragamo tie she was gifting her fiancé along with the boudoir album (SO. HOT.) this woman has STYLE and owned all of her wardrobe looks.  She even wore MY Tia Mazza veil in some of the shots -- she wasn't wearing a veil for her wedding, and wanted to add a more bridal feel to some of the images, and I couldn't be happier with how those images came out (not to mention how happy I was to use that veil again...)  ;)

A week later, during our photo reveal we ate chocolate croissants while Ms. D squealed over her images -- she actually said that one of them (not pictured here) was the best photo that's ever been taken of her. I could not have been ore flattered!!  She later texted: I couldn't stop beaming all day, and was trying to re-imagine the photos in my head. I am that excited to see the final product!!! I loved this experience entirely.  

The absolute best part of my job is meeting so many different women, getting to know them and their unique stories and being able to make them feel FABULOUS.  Ms. D, like so many of my clients, realized that gift giving is just a bonus -- the true gift of a boudoir shoot is the gift you give yourself simply by taking the plunge and showing up.  

Kudos, Ms. D.  I loved getting to know you and seeing the photos of your beautiful wedding.  I wish & your beau a lifetime of happiness. 

xoxo, Stephanie