Romantic Bridal Boudoir | Brooklyn Boudoir Photography


I had a VERY busy late summer 2017.  In the photography business, they call it "wedding season" - those spring and summer months leading up to the June - October weddings.  This wedding season was different than past years for me.  Whereas in the past, many women were gifting their boudoir albums to their husbands-to-be, this year, while the upcoming nuptials may have been the impetus for booking a boudoir session, most of my brides kept their albums of themselves!  It was incredibly gratifying for me to experience. 

Ms. G was one such soon-to-be-bride who initially contacted me for a groom's gift.  A boudoir session was definitely something outside of her comfort zone so she knew her fiancé would be surprised.  While she ultimately did gift her album to her groom, seeing the way she lit up when she saw her album assured me that through her boudoir shoot she had also gifted HERSELF something great.

I photographed Ms. G at her light-filled home in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, and let me tell you, this women has style.  Her apartment was impeccabley designed with some really beautiful pieces -- a red vintage chair and a blue-grey tufted couch both of which added a richness and luxe feeling to her photographs.  We kept the overall feeling simple, sensitive and romantic, which felt very much in line with Ms. G's personality & aesthetic.

Ms. G confided that she didn't consider herself "sexy" and was concerned about coming across as anything other than herself in the photos.  She was also visibly nervous when we first began... but here's a secret: EVERYONE is nervous at first!  And 99.99% of the time, within the first 10 frames, all nerves are lost, women realize there is nothing to be scared of and it just feels like 2 girlfriends hanging out.  Ms. G was no exception, and we ended up with a beautiful set of images for her & her new husband.  

I truly enjoyed meeting Ms. G and would be thrilled to collaborate with her again (maybe as a first anniversary gift!) ;)