New Moms are Sexy | New York Area Boudoir Photographer

Miss S had a rollercoaster of a year.  She got married, moved to a new state, bought a house, AND had a baby all in the span of 12 months.  Talk about a sudden dose of adult reality!  So MAJOR kudos to Miss S when she reached out to me for a first anniversary gift for her husband just a few months after giving birth to her adorable son.

I traveled to Miss S’s home in New Jersey while her husband was at work for our shoot.  Her six- month old baby was there, adorably entertaining himself while we took our photos… in fact, in some of the shots, the baby is literally lying *just* out of frame!  I was incredibly impressed with how Miss S was juggling being a new mom, surprising her husband and conquoring her insecurities by taking the plunge of a boudoir shoot all at the same time.  

Says Miss S:  I had such an amazing shoot with Stephanie.  I was very nervous and I honestly hate being in pictures but Stephanie made it a lot of fun.  I felt sexy only months after having my first child!    

Bravo, Miss S!  I LOVED shooting you and can’t wait for our next shoot together!

xoxo, Stephanie

New Mom?  Bravo!  You are SEXY and deserve to feel that way!  Contact me to learn more.

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