Do it for your 80-year old you | Brooklyn Boudoir Photographer

She'd been married for 5 years, and one baby later, maybe the relationship had gotten a little... ho-hum.  So, she wanted a set of sexy images to give to her husband on their anniversary.  She ended up with the most stunning collection of images to present to him...but more look back on herself for the rest of time. 

I think *that* is one of the most overlooked outcomes of having a boudoir photo shoot done: The importance of having these KILLER images of YOU to look back on when you're 70, 80, 90 years old. To be able to look back and say "DAMN. THAT IS ME!". Even better (something I've been working on myself) is to have photos of yourself at different periods of time over the years.

You can watch yourself age, get wiser, get stronger, and get MORE confident through boudoir photos. 

Miss M brought poise, confidence, sex appeal, and beauty with her to her shoot last month. I was completely in awe of her as her 17 month old and nanny were around her beautiful apartment, WHILE we were shooting!  Talk about unflappable confidence!  I have no doubt that her wall art is going to get a TON of view time for the rest of time, and that her daughter (only a few months older than my own) will be so proud and in awe of her mama as she was, "back in the day."

So I urge you, YES. Do it for your spouse. But moreover do it for yourself. And HELL YES do it for 80-year-old you!  If you don't, you'll wish you had. If you do, you'll high five yourself while you're sitting on your porch swing crocheting a scarf, people-watching and flipping through your album (and probably snagging anyone who passes your house to come look at what a badass you are). How's THAT for a mental picture!? ;)

You won't regret it.  Boudoir is fucking awesome, and yes, the profanity is necessary in that statement.

xoxo, Stephanie