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Women choose boudoir photography for all sorts of reasons. It’s certainly a popular gift for a significant other, but at Brooklyn Boudoir, I say, do it for your own.damn.self.  You will get beautiful images of yourself, yes, but it’s actually so much more than that.  It can be a meaningful way to mark a milestone birthday, a pregnancy, the arrival of a baby, or to celebrate a recent improvement to your life.  Most of all, it’s about celebrating and embracing your womanhood and capturing yourself exactly how you are at this very moment. Oh, and it’s also a hella lot of fun.  So this Valentine’s day, I urge all the single ladies out there to celebrate themselves with a boudoir portrait session. Need some convincing?  Here are a few reasons why you should consider a Brooklyn Boudoir photo shoot:

Celebrate Your Single Life
Valentine’s Day can be tough on single people, but it doesn’t have to be. Toss out the pre-conceived notions of what makes a good Valentine’s Day —you don’t need candy, flowers, or a fancy dinner to feel appreciated.  Why not celebrate being a strong, single woman and relish the terrific, rich life you have built for yourself?  Even better, gather your single women friends and book a group photography session!  I’m about to do this myself in New Orleans with a group of women I have known for 20 years.  Believe me, you’ll leave feeling like you can conquer the world, and you might just be the envy of your non-single friends. 

Banish Your Body Issues

Society has twisted the concept of beauty into something virtually unattainable, and our collective body image has paid a steep price. EVERYONE has insecurities, and we often spend too much time focusing on what we don’t like about our bodies. Instead, why not focus on what you love about yourself?  As a boudoir photographer, I sincerely see beauty in every woman -- that means YOU!  You are perfect just as you are. Not on a “skinny day,” not after you get in shape.   My hope is that by seeing yourself through my lens, you’ll be able to see yourself in a way you perhaps never have before, and that in itself is a reason to celebrate.


You’ll Look & Feel Amazing

Who doesn’t love getting primped, and how often do we allow ourselves such a luxury in our busy lives?  Part of the fun of a Brooklyn Boudoir Experience is getting pampered by my amazing hair & makeup team, which offers a chance to unwind before the session and indulge in a real treat.  Prefer to do your own hair & makeup? TOTALLY FINE!  Don’t wear makeup, period?  I fully support you!  I want you to look like the best version of you, not to feel as if you are playing dress up in someone else’s eyelashes.  Makeup or not, the sudden surge of self-confidence you’ll feel after your session will make you want to go out and celebrate how amazing you look and feel.  

Embrace Your Inner Goddess

OK, “goddess” isn’t a word I often use, as overused as it is right now.  BUT hear me out.  A big part of boudoir photography is, of course, the sensual nature of it.  I am proud to be a sensual being and encourage all women to embrace and celebrate the sensual and yes - sexual - expression of themselves, however you choose to express that. If you don’t engage that aspect of your personality very often, it can be very powerful to remind yourself of it.  You might find that the photography session reignites a spark within you that you can carry with into many other aspects of your life. You think Beyonce looks at herself in the mirror and tells herself she is anything short of a goddess?  My bet is she doess’t, and neither should you. 

Do It Because It Scares You

We easily fall into certain habits in our daily life, completing the same tasks at work or wearing the same hairstyle or outfits. Comfort and routine can make us stale; it can kill productivity and imagination.  Sometimes it’s good to take a leap of faith, even if it terrifies you. We grow as people when we’re challenged, and that includes trying new things. That’s why it’s important to sometimes engage in something that makes you feel a little uncomfortable.   When you stretch yourself and try something new, you’ll find a new appreciation for life again. Imagine the terrific sense of self-confidence and empowerment you will gain from your boudoir session!  

It’s Fine Art
Under the care of the photographer’s trained eye, boudoir photography is much more than just sexy pictures. It’s a work of art, worthy of hanging in a gallery, and you play the starring role. Every grown woman should have a photo of herself looking her fiercest casually (or not so casually!) displayed in her home.  Plus, you have an amazing keepsake of your experience and a lifelong reminder of how beautiful you are, inside and out.

Ladies, boudoir is having a moment right now, and for good reason.  DO IT FOR YOU — and there is no better time than now.  Want to learn more?  Hit me up!  

xoxo, Stephanie

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