Smart, Sporty & Sexy | NYC Valentine's Day Boudoir Photoshoot


The email, phone & text correspondence leading up to Miss W's boudoir experience told me that we were going to have a fabulous time way before we even met.  She wanted to gift her husband a sexy valentine's day present and had a myriad of amazing wardrobe options she wanted to capture herself in.  

She was so excited, and attitude is EVERYTHING when it comes to making the absolute most of your shoot.   I knew well before meeting her that we were going to make some magic together.  We had our location booked, wardrobe selected aaaaannnnd... then a few days before our session she got the flu. UGH. 


Fortunately we were able to reschedule her boudoir shoot for a few weeks later, but not in time for her album to arrive before V-Day.  So instead, we gifted him a little teaser on Valentine's Day and gave him the full album a few weeks later.  Miss K videoed him opening his gift, and trust me when I say his reaction was PRICELESS -- surprised, intrigued, delighted, not to mention in awe of his smokin' hot wife and her stealthy moves keeping the photoshoot a secret from him.  I love that I got to see that - it kept me smiling for days.  

This woman was so awesome, we had an absolute blast, and I'm obsessed with her final images. They show off her personality and her other... ahem... assets so well.  Here's what Miss W had to say about her photo session:

I was made to feel comfortable right away, like I was speaking to an old friend. You were honest and so helpful with the direction of the shoot and were so open to all the ideas that I had. I didn't feel shy and it was an amazing experience to see my ideas combined with your artful eye in the final photos. Even if you don't have a boyfriend or husband you should do this as it was such an amazing and empowering experience. I can't explain the excitement that I had between my reveal and when I finally was able to share my photos with my husband (obviously he loved them as well). I also was so happy to share his reaction with you as you were such an integral part in keeping this a special secret for him. This became something for my husband and something for me... a chance to encapsulate me now - a me that I am proud of (not to be mushy lol). The advice would give another woman is I let go and just relish the moment. 

My heart is bursting. What a sweetheart (not to mention a BABE!). She was lovely inside and out and it was an absolute honor to work with her to capture her femininity, her personality, and her badassness. Thank you, Miss W, for joining the Brooklyn Boudoir club. I adore you.  

xoxo, Stephanie

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