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Since starting my boudoir business, I have always felt very strongly that boudoir is for EVERYBODY. One of the big myths about boudoir is that itโ€™s only for a certain kind of women โ€” one who maybe dresses up or flaunts their sexuality on the daily. The truth is, you neednโ€™t be anything but yourself! Short, tall, thin, less thin, tomboy, glamorousโ€ฆ you deserve to have beautiful images of yourself! This is one of the reasons I donโ€™t shoot โ€œone size fits allโ€ boudoir - I tailor your boudoir session to your style and preferences.

For the women who are out there THINKING about a boudoir shoot but too afraid to pull the trigger because they "want to lose a few more pounds" or whatever the reason may be...I want you to know that there is truly no time like the present. Remove "someday" from your vocabulary. You will NOT regret doing a shoot, but you WILL regret NOT doing a shoot. 

Miss "D" here thinking about booking me for quite awhile. She did her research, took her time, and planned ahead, finally using her upcoming wedding as the impetus for her shoot. She was nervous at first, just like most everyone isโ€ฆ and understandably so! Itโ€™s not everyday you have professional photos taken of yourself, much less in various stages of undress.

In her own words:

I had a wonderful experience with Stephanie! I was hesitant to get pictures taken because it I have always felt that my body was not boudoir subject material. However, after doing my research and looking at Stephanie's website and Instagram - I thought her pictures were so beautiful that I had to try. Although this is wedding present for my fiancรฉ, I really wanted to capture myself in this moment of life. Which is what Stephanie is all about and also embraces. I left my photo shoot feeling like a sexual goodness!! Stephanie and her team took such good care of me. I felt calm and comfortable. She extremely encouraging during the shoot, and is constantly checking in that I am good with what is happening and how I am feeling. Looking at the pictures at the reveal, I couldn't believe that was me! I blushed the entire time, but loved what I saw. It was an amazing experience and I am so glad I did it!

A little bit of nervous is to be expected, I get it. Taking your clothes off in front of anybody is probably uncomfortable enough, but to do it in front of...a...CAMERA!?  Again...I REALLY get it!  I want women to come into this experience with more excitement than nervousness and will help you get there if you need some extra time or help getting into that zone.

Sending that first email is the hardest part. Itโ€™s a big first step, but once you take it, your nerves will be calmed and I will baby step you through EVERYTHING.  You will do great. Just like Miss "Dโ€ did.

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