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There are several factors that contribute to the tone that a woman's photo shoot: the location, the light,  and most importantly a woman's energy when she walks in to our shoot. In our planning together, I pay close attention to a woman's personality, to their style, and the purpose for their session. THEN, I let my creative juices flow in that direction for the duration of the day. 

When I met Miss "B" at her apartment in New Haven, she timidly showed me her outfits, but had a sparkle in her eye, and when she started talking about her finance and upcoming wedding she completely lit up.  Within just a few minutes of our shoot we were giggling like old friends. We had planned for a light, airy, bridal look as well as a saucier look, so I knew this would be a great photoshoot experience. 

Check out her gorgeous photos & her own words on our day together: 

Says Ms. B:

I truly can’t say enough positive feedback to describe how amazing the entire experience was. I have recommended a boudoir photoshoot, and most importantly Stephanie in particular, to all my close friends. Her attention to detail, and care taken each step of the way is unbeatable! I greatly appreciated how quickly she responded to emails and took the time to answer all my questions. Stephanie is so warm and friendly! I instantly felt so comfortable around her! I loved how she physically showed me poses and coached me through as I attempted to copy them. That built up my confidence and I knew that you would deliver only the most beautiful and complimentary photos! And that proved right!! I LOVED my photos!

My advise would be to get your makeup done and splurge on the beautiful outfit, it's worth it.   Then trust that you will look gorgeous in the photos!  Also, do some yoga beforehand! Hahaha I definitely have a new respect for holding poses while trying to look relaxed!

Thank you SO MUCH Miss "B"...and CONGRATULATIONS on your new marriage (which just happened last weekend!!!) I was DYING holding on to these photos until then! ;) 

xoxo, Stephanie


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