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Behind the Scenes of a Boudoir Party | Destination Boudoir Photographer


I recently took a trip to New Orleans with a few of my closest girlfriends in celebration of our knowing each other for TWENTY (20!) years.  We met in college and are now spread all over the country -- LA, Chicago, Brooklyn New York (holla!), New Jersey, Florida, Boston & Virginia, AND we are all moms, so it's particularly rare & special when we are all able to get together. We hit up Bourbon Street, ate some incredible food, drank A LOT of excellent wine, went to a huge Mardi Gras ball and of course, I took the opportunity to photograph all of these beautiful women. 

Admittedly, not all of my friends were initially enthusiastic about having their own boudoir shoot.  I heard many of the same concerns/excuses I hear from some clients -- they wanted to lose a few pounds first, they didn't know how to be sexy,  they said they didn't photograph well ... but then just as with all the other women I've photographed, they shed their insecurities and self-doubts within the first few minutes of being in front of my lens and were THRILLED when they saw their images at the reveal (this was right before Valentine's Day so I dare say their partners were thrilled as well.)  

After the individual shoots, we took a few group shots together.  I'm absolutely in love with them. We are all nearly 40 (plus or minus a year), and while we're all different, we are all smart, fierce, fabulous and full of love. 



Check out this fun behind the scenes video of our shoot.  Video by Ashley Glacel.

See how much fun everyone is having?  Many women think a boudoir shoot is going to be an intimidating experience, but in reality it's very comfortable!  We laugh a lot and it is a really fun time for all involved.  These women have inspired me for years, so it was incredibly meaningful for me to give something back to them -- to capture them as they are now, help them realize their beauty, feel their sensuality, give their partner's a kick, and make them feel like they're 20 again...only better.  

Maybe we're rocking a few extra pounds between us, maybe we go to bed at the same time we used to head out for the night 20 years ago, maybe our smiles lines have deepened a bit, but we also have a hell of a lot more experience & wisdom behind our eyes, and THAT is something a 19 year old simply can not possess.  Collectively we are more confident, more comfortable with ourselves and I truly believe more beautiful than ever.  I'm proud of us, and feel so privileged to be part of this tribe.

xoxo, Stephanie

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