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30 Weeks Pregnant | My Maternity Shoot with Lola Melani | NYC Photographer


I am a firm believer in existing in photos, printing your photos and having your photograph taken by a professional. Even though I AM a professional photographer - and one who loves to take self portraits at that - I STILL find it really valuable to be in front of someone else’s camera from time to time. You get to capture yourself in a different way than you normally do, see yourself through someone else’s eyes, become ART … the benefits are endless really. While I love the self portraits I take, there’s nothing like having your photo taken by someone else.

While I took many self portraits during my first pregnancy, nearly no one has seen them. Truth be told I haven’t even edited many of them, and I surely don’t look at them often. So when I had the opportunity to be photographed by the incredible photographer Lola Melani, I jumped at the chance! Lola’s style is classic, elegant, fashion-y and truly sublime. I absolutely loved the experience of being in front of her lens, following her lead, giving up control (soooo hard for a control freak like myself) and let myself be pampered and directed. Lola and her team made me feel beautiful, badass, and like a goddess. And THAT is what a professional photoshoot can do for you, beyond the incredible images you will receive in the end. It’s the experience above all.

I couldn’t be happier to have these images of myself during what is likely the last time I will be pregnant. I plan on printing and framing a few and hanging them on the wall, because THAT is the best way to showcase this beautiful artwork.

So THANK YOU Lola, Vlada and Eva for capturing my pregnancy so beautifully, for the most fun day, and the experience of being photographed by one of the greats.

xoxo, Stephanie

Maternity shoots are best done between 28 and 33 weeks so plan ahead and contact me to set yours up!

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