The Glowing Ms. C | NYC Maternity Boudoir


It's no secret that I enjoyed being pregnant WAY more than I expected I would.  I never in a million years thought that I'd want to talk about pregnancy & babies as much as I do now (seriously, who am I??) ... but here we are. While pregnant, I knew that I would want to document my changing body every step of the way, but even so, between work, doctor appointments, and just LIFE, finding the time to document my pregnancy was really difficult! I always tried to squeeze in self portrait shoots before client shoots, or first thing in the morning before the day (and light) got away from me.  I definitely got a few great shots that I treasure, but even so, I'm sad I didn't capture more.  It's a time of your life that is so unique; even with subsequent pregnancies you'll quite literally never look the same again.  

This is one of the many reasons I was so incredibly excited to capture Ms. C not once but TWICE during her pregnancy.  This smart, sassy woman had the forethought to schedule a second trimester maternity portrait session as well as a third trimester session knowing she would treasure these photos forever.  Between our pre-shoot consultations, our two photoshoots and our photo reveals, Ms. C and I really got to know each other, had a great rapport, and were true collaborators -- not to mention that we had a helluva good time together!  Our first boudoir shoot was at her Upper West Side apartment - much to the shock of her husband whom she surprised with her photos!  I love photographing women in their own homes - it lends a real sense of comfort and intimacy to the feeling of the shoot.  Top to bottom I absolutely adore the images Ms. C and I created together and am truly honored to have been a part of this important time of her life.  

Stay tuned for images from Ms. C's third trimester shoot (in which we get up onto a Brooklyn ROOFTOP) in a few weeks.  

Big Shout out to my fabulous hair & makeup artist Tara Zielenski who always makes my clients look and feel amazing.  Said Ms. C: "I wish my hair would look like this everyday!"  And also to Winksworth, a lovely lingerie boutique in DUMBO where Ms C got the beautiful navy & purple lace set photographed here.

xoxo, Stephanie

Ready to capture your growing baby bump?  Give me a shout and we'll schedule a session late enough that you are showing and early enough that you are still feeling like your sexy self!

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