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So many women tell me that they want to do a boudoir shoot but "first need to lose those last 5/10/15 pounds." LADIES.  I am here to tell you this is, ahem, bullshit. It's simply not true!  Boudoir is for everybody and every body. Period. 

For years I've told people that age is just a number... well the same goes for size!  Everyone has hang ups about their bodies, regardless of if they are a size zero, fearing that they have no curves, or a size 16.  Few women believe me when I tell them size or weight DOES NOT MATTER when it comes to your boudoir session (or at all, frankly!)  Boudoir is about more than just your looks & the sexy images that come out of our photoshoot.  Those photos are a lovely bonus for sure -- the icing on the cake even.  But what many women realize once they've had a boudoir shoot with me is that it's really about the experience itself. It’s about self-confidence, it’s about feeling empowered and on top of the world, it's about having fun and putting aside your daily grind, your insecurities, your "coulda woulda shouldas" and accepting yourself EXACTLY as you are in this moment.  There is something very profound about taking the time to remember that you are WOMAN: powerful, sexy, with all of your curves or lack of curves or whatever body you are in.  You are unique because of your smile, the stories behind your eyes, your backstory.  You are your own perfect YOU.  But... I digress.

Enter Miss J.  She is a timeless beauty - I was truly taken aback by her poise, elegance and classic looks.  Miss J is a curve model, so she is a professional in front of the camera and is an inspirational example of a woman who embraces her body.  She came to our session at Shio Studios in Brooklyn with a very clear idea of what she wanted to achieve.  We kept it very light, casual, and fun, with soft natural light, and no hair and makeup artist, and I couldn't be more pleased with the results.  I mean really... how stunning is this woman?  Those blue eyes are piercing, her smile lights up the room, and her curves are absolute perfection.  Beyond that, she is a body positive activist with an infectious laugh and a very, VERY bright future ahead of her.  

The truth is, when you take care of yourself & value yourself, THAT is when you start feeling, appreciating and, yes, seeing your true beauty.  Size (just like age!) really IS just a number, and YOU are more than just a number.  You are sexy at ANY size.

See more of this Lovely at or her instagram @curvemodel_julie.  

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