She Didn't Consider Herself Sexy | The Anonymous Ms. A | Brooklyn Boudoir Photographer

Ms. A does think of herself as "sexy."  During our pre-shoot consultations, she talked extensively about how "goofy" she was.  In fact, she told me that one of her husband's favorite things about her was that she could sometimes look like a Muppet!  I have shot many women and I can honestly say that this was a first for me!  ;) 

Ms. A was newly pregnant and wanted to memorialize her body as it was "before," not knowing how her body would change in the future.  Maternity boudoir & new body celebrations are a passion of mine, so I was very excited to memorialize Ms. A at this time of her life.  Doing a boudoir session was as much a gift for herself, as for her husband, whom she knew would be 100% surprised by the idea.  She came to me rather nervous and not knowing if she had what it took to be a sex pot in front of the camera. If you follow my blog at all, you know that I preach that EVERYONE has what it takes. It's up to the photographer to bring it out of them. 


One of my biggest rules once we are on set together is NO NEGATIVE TALK especially about yourself.  It was tough for Ms. A to put her internal goofball aside and free herself from what she thought she was "supposed" to do. So, we took our time, started slowly with a tee shirt get up and I encouraged her to just be herself (sans negative self-talk of course).  We simply captured Ms. A as she is, kept it casual and comfortable and got some great shots that show her true personality.  Once we got more into it, you she became more relaxed which also comes through in these photos.  We had a lot of laughs and together we definitely brought out Ms A's saucy side.  ;)  Looking at these images I don't think you would ever guess this was a woman who has been described as a goofy Muppet!!   Said Ms. A:  

I have ZERO modeling experience and needed a lot of guidance and you did a great job directing me. It felt fun to do something out of my comfort zone that was a surprise for my husband!

Ladies, guidance is what I am here for.  I pride myself on my ability to make women feel beautiful and comfortable in front of the camera, which is what you will see come out in your photos.  Not someone goofy or unsure of herself, but instead someone who is revealing their true self and looking amazing at the same time.  It doesn't matter if you don't immediate identify yourself as "sexy" -- not many women do!  But remember - it isn't your job to be sexy -- it's my job to take beautiful photos of you, make you feel comfortable and capture you in your most beautiful light.  So no worries!  Trust me to do my job and we are sure to make beautiful art together. 

xoxo, Stephanie

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